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Looking for a Beezid, Bidcactus or Quibids Penny Auction clone? Here is a Script / Software for FREE!

Looking for a Penny Auction script that will help you start a website similar to one of these famous sites: Quibids, Beezid or Bid Cactus? Ajax PHP Penny Auction v3.1 is the quickest way to get your Penny Auction website up and running affordably. You can get in the game fast without any knowledge of Ajax, PHP, MySQL, Javascript or complicated coding.

Proven Track Record

Ajax PHP Penny Auction is one of the most proven and reliable Penny Auction software options available on the market. Based on a proprietary AJAX Streaming Engine which has four years of refinement and debugging under its belt in real live site action. In addition, Ajax PHP Penny Auction was developed and refined by 100% user and client feedback. In addition, Ajax PHP Penny Auction was not simply developed to copy our competitors. Instead it was designed as a result of feedback direct from our clients and their users. Ajax PHP Penny Auction is not a trend follower but a trend setter in the Penny Auction business.

Support & Upgrades

Support is offered for any "script related problem FREE of charge." Phone support is available Monday thru Friday 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST ( 281 ) 652-8225 or you can email the helpdesk @ ajaxphppennyauction.com 24/7 365 days per year. Software upgrades prior to version 2.0 are free for you to request and download.

Layout & Interface Services

With HTML template construction and CSS support, Ajax PHP Penny Auction's interface can be easily modified. The entire look of the site can be updated by just changing approximately a dozen web pages. Links are automatically generated, ready for you to easily plug them into your pages. Plus, a starter template is also included. We recommend that learn or know a little about HTML and CSS. For you conveniences, links to online tutorials relating to all the technologies used to create Ajax PHP Penny Auction are located on right-hand side of this website. Interface design and implementation service are available for an additional fee, please call or email.

Ajax Streaming Engine

Ajax PHP Penny Auction utilizes a custom design AJAX Screaming Engine. The Ajax Streaming Engine is designed to place very little load on the web server and database. Basically, the web server doesn’t recognize the difference between 5 users on the site or 500. Also, the site is designed to utilize very little transfer bandwidth. A single Gigabyte (GB) of transfer bandwidth will allow a user’s browser to be refreshed about 2 million times. This will allow the average bandwidth allotment by most hosting companies of 1,000 GB to serve nearly 2 billion page refreshes per month without going over your accounts bandwidth allotment.